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Born in Milan ,Italy, Francesco Di Lenge began studying drums at the age 16 . In the early 90’s he takes his first steps into professional career , playing with several musicians ( ranging from rock to jazz, latin and funk) of the “Milanese” area and performing in many clubs such as Capolinea, Scimmie, Tangram, not to mension many other venues around italy and abroad . Few performances were also broadcasted on some tv programs such as MTV.


In 1996 after achieving  a scholarship, Francesco moved to U.S.A. to attend BERKLEE College of Music.

During four years stay , he had the opportunity to collaborate with many bands, touring all around the States ( east-coast mainly ).

Berklee has been very important for his musical education, having the chance to study with drummers such as  KENWOOD DENNARD, CASEY SCHEUERELL, ED URIBE, STEVE WILKES, JAMEY HADDAD, DAVE DICENSO, and many  others.                                                                                                           


At the end of 2000 he moved back to Italy where he began working as a music teacher for several schools in northern Italy.

Since then he  has been working in recording sessions and live performances ,all over Italy, Europe and U.S.A. playing for various  projects, in many diffrent styles of music.

Main collaborations :


John Patitucci, Claudio Baglioni,  Joey De Francesco, Attilio Zanchi, Massimo Moriconi, Janek Gwizdala, Billy Branch, Danilo Rea, Paolo Fresu,  Giovanni Tommaso, Kim Brown, Dodi Battaglia, Biagio Coppa, Gabriele Orsi, Beppe Caruso, Stefano Carrara, Alan Scaffardi,, Leonardo Caligiuri ... and many others...

@ Walter Miglio
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